Saturday, 26 December 2009


lol. Hi! This is my first blog. My friend from college told me about this, and I thought I'd check it out. So it's Christmas in London. Mine flopped DIFFERENTLY. I spent it with my aunt and my cousin and I've never been so embarrassed. Seriously. She was so drunk. The woman was drinking from Chistmas Eve. Embarrassed me and my cousin so much, and she was drunk on the 25th and 26th! Gosh! And then, to top it all off, my mum showed up. I finally thought I was over her not wanting to be a part of my life, but it hit me so badly. I felt like I was fading into the background, and it got to a point when I walked out of the door with tears streaming down my face- and I haven't cried about this for so long. My mother hasn't said hello to me in over 18 months, and then she says hi to me! Argh! And my little sisters pised me off. Honestly, absence may make the heart grow fonder but it killed my patience. And did I mention that my auntie's homophobic? I explained to her about me being gay and she said that she was disappointed in my choice and how that she thought e being camp was to get attention. KMT. And to top it off shesems to think I go round with anybody and that she doesn't understand why I like men. Oh my God. Seriously. Anway- this is too much for my first blog. Happy holidays and peace out.

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  1. wow ash.. what a load of stories u got going on.. aww.. am i the friend from college?:D wooweee lol..
    aww hang on tight ash, youll get through these problems of urs!!